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Comparing Automated Pricing Tools for Amazon Sellers: Amazon's Internal Repricer vs. Flashpricer

Updated: May 3, 2023

How does the Amazon repricer built into Seller Central stack up against Flashpricer repricing software?

As an Amazon seller, pricing your products competitively is crucial to succeed in the marketplace. However, keeping track of prices and adjusting them manually can be time-consuming and tedious. This is where automated pricing tools come in handy. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using automated pricing tools and compare two popular options: Amazon's internal repricer and Flashpricer.

What are automated pricing tools?

Automated pricing tools are software programs that allow Amazon sellers to automate their pricing strategy. These tools use algorithms to analyze the market, competitor prices, and other factors to adjust product prices automatically. This helps sellers to stay competitive and maximize their profits.

There are a few very important benefits to be achieved by using a repricer:

  1. More time: With automated pricing tools, sellers can save time and focus on other aspects of their business, such as marketing and product development.

  2. Faster adjustments: Automated pricing tools can push price changes to Amazon almost instantly, much faster than you can do manually. This helps sellers gain an edge on their competitors and increase their chances of winning the Buy Box.

  3. Custom rules: Automated pricing tools allow sellers to create custom pricing rules based on their business needs, such as pricing based on sales volume, seasonality, or changes in the competitive landscape.

  4. Increased profits: Automated pricing tools can help sellers optimize their pricing strategy and increase profitability by reducing the risk of underpricing or overpricing products.

While almost every automated solution will provide some value in all of these important areas, some do it on a much larger scale than others. Let's compare a couple of popular options.

Comparing Amazon's internal repricer with Flashpricer

Amazon's internal repricer is a built-in tool that adjusts product prices based on the current market conditions. It's a straightforward tool to use and is ideal for sellers who want to automate their pricing process. However, it has some limitations. On the other hand, Flashpricer is a third-party repricing tool that provides greater flexibility and control over product pricing.

Here are some of the main benefits of choosing Flashpricer over Amazon's internal repricer.

Greater control and flexibility

Flashpricer provides greater control and flexibility over product pricing. Unlike Amazon's internal repricer, it allows sellers to customize pricing strategies based on their business goals and market trends. Here are some ways you can customize your strategies with Flashpricer:

  1. Optimize price and time in the Buy Box: Adjust your prices in response to competition in order to win you more Buy Boxes and increase your sales on Amazon and Walmart.

  2. Specific competitor statuses: Only compete against Buy Box eligible sellers. Flexible options to compete differently against WFS, FBA, MFN, SFP, Amazon, Walmart, and specific sellers by name.

  3. Min and max prices: Automatically set based on a fixed dollar amount, target profit margin or ROI based on the cost of the product. We always obey these rules even if they conflict with other.

  4. Custom scenarios: Choose how you want to be repriced when the Buy Box is suppressed, when your item goes out of stock, when there is no competition, etc.

  5. Choose your competition: Compete against the Buy Box, WFS sellers, FBA sellers, MFN sellers, specific channels, or highly-rated sellers only. We've got you covered.

Enhanced performance and efficiency

Flashpricer uses real-time data and advanced algorithms to ensure that products are priced competitively. This means that sellers can make informed decisions based on current market trends and adjust prices accordingly. Flashpricer's performance and efficiency are superior to Amazon's internal repricer, as it can reprice products faster and more accurately.


Flashpricer is a cost-effective solution for sellers looking to optimize their pricing strategy. It offers competitive pricing plans and provides a high level of customization and control over pricing. In contrast, Amazon's internal repricer can be expensive for sellers with a large number of products.

Multiple selling channels

Flashpricer lets you reprice items across many selling channels. So if your business extends beyond Amazon, and you're selling somewhere additional like Walmart Marketplace, it is a great way to manage your pricing strategies for all of your products in one easy-to-use dashboard.

The bottom line

Automated pricing tools are essential for Amazon sellers looking to streamline their pricing strategy and stay competitive in the marketplace. While Amazon's internal repricer is a good option for beginners, Flashpricer offers greater control, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. When choosing an automated pricing tool, sellers should consider compatibility, customization, data analysis, and support.

Try Flashpricer FREE for 14 days and see how it stacks up against the competition.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the more common inquiries we get about Amazon's internal repricer.

Are automated pricing tools legal on Amazon?

Yes, automated pricing tools are legal on Amazon. However, sellers must ensure that they comply with Amazon's pricing policies and guidelines.

Can automated pricing tools adjust prices in real-time?

Yes, automated pricing tools can adjust prices in real-time based on market trends and competitor prices.

Can I use both Amazon's internal repricer and Flashpricer at the same time?

No, you cannot use both Amazon's internal repricer and Flashpricer at the same time as they may conflict with each other. You must choose one repricing tool.

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