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10 Top Amazon Product Research Tools for 2023

Guide to finding top-tier Amazon products while streamlining your inventory creation process.

Navigating the labyrinth of profitable products on Amazon demands more than luck - it requires a robust and analytical approach, utilizing accurate data, industry trends, and key performance indicators. This guide highlights the ten top-tier Amazon product research tools to streamline your inventory creation process for 2023.


SellerApp is a comprehensive tool offering far more than mere product research. Across its three membership levels, even the basic Pro-Lite bundle provides essential features such as:

  • Product trends and research

  • Keyword research and tracking

  • Listing SEO

  • Index checker

  • PPC analyzer

These tools allow you to delve into multifaceted product data, including potential sales, competitor tracking, and performance analysis. Start with a 7-day free trial to evaluate the tool's relevance to your business.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout has earned its reputation as a leading Amazon product research tool for good reasons. It can function as either a web or Chrome extension, allowing you to:

  • Research products based on category, estimated sales, sales rank, etc.

  • Refine product selection using various filters (like high competition products with poor ratings).

  • Calculate profits taking into account Amazon seller fees.

  • Export data to a .CSV file.

  • Expand your product search to global Amazon marketplaces.

Helium 10

Helium 10, known for its comprehensive eCommerce platform, offers an exceptional product research tool, Blackbox, that lets you analyze data to identify potentially profitable products. The tool is accessible via a web application and a Chrome extension. Customize your product hunt based on:

  • Category or subcategory

  • Review count

  • Best Seller Rank (BSR)

  • Fulfillment

AMZ Tracker

While AMZ Tracker is typically associated with keyword research, it's equally potent for product research. It helps users master Amazon's A9 search algorithm both defensively and offensively.

  • Perform primary keyword research to identify highly searched products.

  • Cross-reference products using conversion data to identify potential issues.

  • Enhance your search using longtail keyword research, negative review alerts, competitor analysis, and more.

  • Construct Amazon super URLs for more comprehensive data.


KeywordInspector underscores the significance of keywords in product research by:

  • Providing free tools for keyword suggestion generation and search term editing (requires registration).

  • Allowing reverse ASIN lookups for both search and history.

  • Presenting trending keywords to stay updated with popular search terms and keywords.

CamelCamelCamel and/or Keepa

These two similar tools offer features such as:

  • Detailed price history charts for over 100 million Amazon products.

  • Alerts about product availability and price drops.

  • Product tracking for Amazon marketplaces in multiple countries.

  • Tracking trending and popular products.

  • Offering browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Opera.

Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher, a free product research tool, stands out for its simplicity. It focuses on vital metrics, bypassing complex spreadsheets. If you find it a good fit, it integrates seamlessly with AMZ Tracker for an enhanced product research experience.

OAGenius Gravity

For those interested in online arbitrage, the OAGenius Gravity product research extension is a standout tool. It provides a rich database of arbitrage opportunities, presenting key metrics that assist in making informed purchasing decisions. Analyzes online retailers opportunities and supports both Amazon and Walmart sales channels.

Cash Cow Pro

Cash Cow Pro offers more than just sales data; it provides an all-in-one tool that includes listing optimization, automated messaging for reviews, and A/B split testing.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch provides an array of tools including product discovery, keyword research, and competitive intelligence. Leveraging both real-time and historical data, it helps you identify profitable trends, strategize your product launch, and effectively position your products in a competitive marketplace. The suite is designed to provide you with a detailed analysis, aiding you to make well-informed decisions to drive your Amazon sales success.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the research tool you choose and the inventory you curate, a swift and effective Amazon repricer is a crucial companion to maintain your competitive edge in pricing. If your business expands beyond Amazon to other sales channels, worry not.

We have your back, offering repricing capabilities across 21 Amazon marketplaces and additional platforms like eBay, Walmart, Shopify, and more. Take advantage of our 14-day free trial today and let us guide you towards mastering the art of online repricing.

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