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Supercharging Your Online Business: The Advantages of Flashpricer over Walmart's In-House Repricer

Are you making the right choice for repricing on Walmart Marketplace?

piggy bank saving you money by repricing you better

The e-commerce sphere is dynamic and vibrant, saturated with numerous tools all claiming to boost your business. However, experienced entrepreneurs understand that not all promises are met. Today, we bring to light the truth about one such tool, Walmart's in-house repricer. Despite Walmart's esteemed standing in retail, when up against a more sophisticated competitor - Flashpricer, its repricer shows distinct limitations. In this article, we explore these shortcomings when set against Flashpricer.

There are seven key factors that position Flashpricer as a better choice over Walmart's in-house repricer. In the following sections, we'll delve into each of these points, demonstrating how Flashpricer surpasses its competition in every area.

Flashpricer vs Walmart's In-house Repricer

Data Dependability

Our comparison begins with data reliability. Walmart's in-house repricer solely relies on its own API for data, which unfortunately, is incorrect about 40% of the time. The efficacy of any repricing tool hinges on data accuracy. Without reliable data, a repricer is like a ship lost at sea. Flashpricer addresses this concern by consolidating data from various sources and using unique algorithms, thus ensuring better accuracy and reliability.


Privacy is another critical issue. Walmart's in-house repricer requires sellers to input their minimum prices into Walmart's system. This requirement is disquieting, considering that Walmart isn't only your marketplace but your competition as well. Sharing your lowest price with a competitor seems counter-productive. Flashpricer acknowledges your need for privacy, enabling you to shield your pricing strategies from competitors.

Competitive Flexibility

Assessing the versatility in competition, Walmart's repricer falls short. It only allows sellers to compete with three types of competitors:

  1. The listing's lowest price

  2. The buy box price

  3. Amazon's price

These restrictions are perplexing, especially when competing against Amazon's prices, as Amazon operates in a different marketplace altogether, often with higher prices. Furthermore, the buy box and lowest prices that Walmart allows for competition are based on their own reports and APIs, which, as noted earlier, often deliver incorrect and outdated data.

Flashpricer shines in this area, allowing for a broader range of competition, thereby enabling sellers to stay flexible in a variety of market situations. Flashpricer's unique feature enables you to zero in on minute details, such as targeting individual sellers and employing strategies based on their competitive behavior.

Price Modifications

Price adjustments with Walmart's repricer are also unsatisfactory. Sellers can only specify a dollar amount or percentage to surpass their competition, and the repricer will never increase your price or even match your competitors. This limitation becomes a problem if your competition on Walmart vanishes, as your price won't increase, potentially leading to underselling. Flashpricer offers a more responsive solution, with flexible repricing options to help you seize every profit opportunity.

Distinguishing Competitor Types

Walmart's repricer also fails to differentiate between various types of competitors. Regardless of whether your competitor is Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS), Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM), or specific sellers, the repricer treats them all the same. In the complex world of e-commerce, this one-size-fits-all approach can lead to missed opportunities and profits. Flashpricer edges ahead with a more nuanced approach that allows you to tailor your competition strategies.

Addressing the Suppressed Walmart Buy Box

Walmart's repricer lacks a mechanism to handle situations where there is no buy box owner (a suppressed buy box) or an option to exclude specific sellers from your competition.

The Bottom Line

Flashpricer gives you more advanced strategies and customization options than Walmart's internal repricer. It's also faster and has more accurate data. If you want to try it for free for 14 days, you can sign up here.

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