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How TBA and Doordash tracking are changing the dropshipping business

Amazon and Walmart are using different shipping sources that make it difficult for dropshippers to track and confirm orders

tracktaco tracking number solution

Changing the way dropshipping businesses operate

The dropshipping business has been shaken up again by the recent changes in how packages are being delivered by two online retail giants. If you’re an e-commerce seller, or even just a frequent shopper, you’ve probably noticed that Amazon and Walmart are now using some different types of shipping services to get their packages into the hands of their customers quicker.


Amazon has been using their own fulfillment services to pick and pack orders for a long time, but now they're also using their own drivers to deliver them. This means they can offer two-day delivery on many items. When that happens, the shipping information provided by Amazon includes "TBA" in the tracking number. These tracking numbers can be searched on and a handful of other websites.


The problem with TBA tracking numbers and Doordash

These two fulfillment methods might seem awesome on the surface. Products are getting into the hands of customers faster, increasing demand from happy customers and sparking more orders for your store. But unfortunately, it’s not that simple as TBA and Doordash actually pose a huge issue for dropshippers.


Neither Amazon or Walmart sellers are able to confirm shipments using TBA tracking numbers. eCommerce platforms do not accept TBA as valid tracking info, so if you are sourcing a package from Amazon that they are going to deliver themselves, you won’t be able to fulfill the order on your e-commerce store or marketplace.


For the reverse scenario, Doordash doesn’t provide tracking numbers at all, but even if they did, you wouldn’t want to put those into the marketplace to confirm a shipment, since this would be a surefire way for the marketplace to identify the source of these products and put your account at risk of suspension.


And in both cases, you can’t simply grab a random FedEx or UPS tracking number. Customers are accustomed to watching their packages move closer and closer to delivery, so if they notice the wrong destination city or an incorrect delivery date, you’re going to wind up with a lot of complaints and nosediving seller metrics. Definitely not a scenario you want as both retailers continue to tighten up restrictions around dropshipping.

How dropshippers can navigate TBA tracking and Doordash deliveries

So what’s the solution? Should dropshippers just try canceling orders when they get TBA tracking info or packages being delivered by Doordash drivers? This would certainly cause a lot of bad reviews, headaches, and lost revenue. Approximately 50% of all orders are being shipped via these internal fulfillment methods.


Luckily, there is a better way to continue dropshipping from Amazon and Walmart without letting alternative shipping services slow you down. Simply create a user-friendly valid tracking number that follows the movement of an actual package to the right destination at the right time.


You might be thinking that’s impossible. After all, we just talked about why you can’t grab just any old FedEx tracking number and use that instead. But Tracktaco utilizes data and analytics to provide easy-to-use tracking numbers that can be used on TBA, DoorDash, etc.

Getting started with the Tracking Number Solution

All it takes to get started is registering for an account and buying a package of credits. Each tracking number you use will deduct one credit from your account. There are bulk discounts available, so the cost of one tracking number ranges from $0.12-$0.25 cents. Whatever package you choose, avoiding cancelled orders and lost revenue will surely make it worthwhile.

Pricing Packages

After setting up an account, you'll need to purchase a package of credits. Each tracking number costs 1 credit. Save big when you buy in bulk!


100 Credits
Buy in bulk to save


2000 Credits

30% bulk discount


200 Credits
10% bulk discount


10,000 Credits

50% bulk discount


500 Credits
15% bulk discount


25,000 Credits

50% bulk discount


1000 Credits
25% bulk discount

No Expiration Date

Credits never expire

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